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Call IRAN for Free at Yalda night 2011


شمارش معکوس آغاز شد


We are pleased to celebrate the longest night of the year, Yalda, with you! (Click here to know more about Yalda)


IRMATEL is the bridge to connect you to your family at such memorable event of the year.



Call IRAN for free from 00:00 Midnight until 00:30am at Yalda night 2011 (22 Dec 2011)


The free call is offered for all destination in IRAN include mobile and fix line. Furthermore the callback cost is also waved during this time.


This gift is offered to all IRMATEL users. You may purchase IRMATEL using different available methods. (Click here to find more)


We honor to provide our best services to IRANIAN in Malaysia and we would like to wish you a Happy Yalda Night.


Note: Kindly avoid long calls and please allow everyone to enjoy this offer.



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